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My wife Robin and I at a friends wedding June 15

My wife Robin and I at a friends wedding June 15, 2013

UPDATE (Jan. 4, 2017) 2016 was lovely in that it was a totally boring (read No Cancer) year. Unfortunately 2017 has started off with a bang. Can you say, “Recurrence”?

Towards the end of May and on into June of this year (2013) I started suffering from what I thought was gas and a general bloated feeling. Since I’d never experienced anything like it before and wasn’t suffering from heart burn I kept blowing it off as something that would straighten itself out. Besides I had an appt. with my primary the first of July and if it was still bothering me we’d look into it more then. On Sunday June 23rd I was supposed to be helping setup for our churches VBS program that was starting that evening. My stomach had been bothering me all morning and there was a tender spot right below my rib cage that was starting to hurt when I bent over. Plus I was getting dizzy and sweating like I was in a sauna. Robin told me to stop messing around and go to the ER.
I drove up to Montgomery General where they confirmed I wasn’t having a heart attack but couldn’t do much for the stomach other than give me some candy coating medicine and tell me to see a gastroenterologist. That Tuesday I was able to not only see a gastroenterologist but they were also able to do an endoscopy. Unfortunately the result showed a tumor in my esophagus at the juncture with my stomach.
And so begins the latest learning experience that God has set before me. I am thankful that God in his mercy has surrounded me with a loving family and so many incredible friends. Your prayers and support are truly priceless.


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