I’m actually going back and filling in the blank on a number of treatments just so I have the date recorded.

Treatment #16 was like all the rest in that it was nothing special other than the fact that my mediport is acting up again. For some reason it is not allowing them to draw my blood for the pre-screening that’s required before the infusion. This means they inject cathflow into the mediport to loosen things up and put an IV in my arm so they can draw my blood. That also means I wind up with the IV in my arm all day. It isn’t painful but it is aggravating. So far by the time I come back up from my visit with Christina the mediport is working so they can use it for the infusion of the magic elixir.

On the 30th I’ll have another CT Scan. I’m really praying that nothing shows up and the reality of how well I’m doing will finally sink in.

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