I know it’s been a little while since my last update, fortunately that’s because there hasn’t been anything worth sharing.



As always I was greeted by the lovely Marta upon entering the infusion center on 5 North. I don’t know what it is about this woman that makes me smile but she has a personality that is both relaxing and at the same time uplifting. If you’re starting out your day with a poor attitude I can’t imagine getting past Marta’s desk with that still intact. She is efficacious in the elimination of Irritable Cranky Pants Syndrome.

I’m sitting in the fancy hospital version of a Barcalounger waiting for the third infusion of MEDI4736 that the lovely nurse Kim is about to administer. I had to stop typing so she could hook up the IV to my mediport that decided for the first time in months to start working without anyone having to break out the cathflo and get medieval with the syringe. It must know that next Monday it may be getting replaced. Robin and I were joking it likes having the buggy computer that starts behaving as soon as the IT support staff shows up.

Back to the infusion. It only takes an hour for the infusion. During that hour I’m hooked up to the blood pressure monitor which is set to take my blood pressure every 15 minutes and then prints it out on a roll of paper. Isn’t technology wonderful!

I met with Dr. Pishvaian this morning but I had as much to share with him as I have with you all since the last treatment. Other than feeling a bit more lethargic than normal I’m not experiencing any side effects on this drug nor am I in any pain. He did mention not to get too excited about what the CT Scan I’m getting next week may show. Apparently if there is any change at all in the other participants it’s been an increase in the size of the tumors. He believes that this may be caused by increased T cell activity which in this case is a good thing. He then asked if I’d still be interested in getting the results of the scan I’m getting next week and if I’d like to have it before Thanksgiving. I chuckled saying that would be a good trick giving that I’m having the scan on Wednesday. He smiled saying he’d have the results and would give me a call on Thanksgiving. I don’t think he’s kidding. He’s the kind of doctor that would take into consideration a day like Thanksgiving and would go out of his way to give his patients some good news to be “thankful” about.

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