30 Days Post Treatment

Today was the first of my post treatment visits to Georgetown University Hospital. It was nice to be greeted my Marta and to have Kim be my nurse again, as she had been off on my last treatment. MedImmune had over a dozen vials to be filled, thankfully my mediport behaved itself from the get go. I was in out and done in no time upstairs and then headed to the Lombardi Clinic to meet with Christina Urso and Dr. Pishvaian. I have truly become the boring patient with zero issues and zero complaints. The biggest hurdle of the day was trying to decipher MedImmune’s post treatment protocol schedule which apparently requires a PHD to comprehend. Between the three of us we came up with a game plan of my going in once a month which I’d need to do to have my mediport flushed. Dr. Pishvaian was at first confused be the protocol not showing any periodic physicals and then he laughed to himself deciding he needed to see me once a month.

“After-all that’s just good oncological procedure and to make sure you’re still alive,” he jokingly added. It’s nice when your oncologist can joke about that!

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  1. Mitch November 17, 2014 at 1:07 pm

    Amazing, Michael! Utterly amazing. I’m delighted for you and glad to read of your progress. It gives me hope as well, in the event my problems somehow take a turn for the worse. Bravo!


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