This past Monday was treatment #5 of the MEDI4736 trial drug.  Other than it being another dragged out day the infusion was as uneventful as the last 4. I’d love to have something to say about it but fortunately I don’t. I go in and head up to 5 North where I meet with my nurse Kim and get my blood drawn. I then head down to the 1st floor and walk over to the Lombardi Center where I meet with Christina Urso NP and Dr. Pishvaian. I’m usually done with them and back up to 5 North by 9:30 AM. At that point I’m waiting for Dr. Ion Cotarla (the trials coordinator) to get my blood work and cut the orders to have my prescription of MEDI4736 put together. Unfortunately this is usually where things sometimes fall apart and get delayed as I didn’t get the IV of medication until 11:30 AM. Obviously I need to go downstairs and bribe some people with Christmas cookies. The infusion itself only takes an hour and while that’s going on I have my blood pressure and temperature taken every 15 minutes. After the infusion is over I have my blood pressure checked 2 more times, 30 minutes apart and then I wait another hour for one last blood draw. At that point I’m done but I have to hang around for another 2 hours of observation before I’m released.

I asked Ion what the protocol was for the remainder of the trial. The week after my next infusion #6 (Dec. 30), I’ll go in and have another CT Scan done. As long as everything stays on track and no growth or new lesions are detected I’ll continue receiving treatments for a year. Every 2 months I’ll have another CT Scan done to monitor my cancer.

And now you know exactly what I’ll “hopefully” be doing every other Monday in 2014.

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  1. Keri Jacobs December 19, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    I guess boring and uneventful are underrated words ! Glad it’s not making you sick and stuff like that. Thanks for the update.
    Always praying!

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