Back in the Saddle Again

Right now I’m sitting in chair #10 at the Shirley A. Smith Infusion Center at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center receiving my first round of chemotherapy. Well first round of chemo since 2013.

This morning I went down to Georgetown to get a chest x-ray and blood work done before meeting with Dr. Pishvaian. Dr. Pishvaian was actually apologetic that he hadn’t paid enough attention to my CT summary report in January. Apparently the radiologist had made some comment about my SVC but with the focus being on the newly discovered tumors in the lung and lymph node it just didn’t get the attention it should have. It amazes me the way my body found ways to work around the problem. WAZE and Google Maps has nothing on God’s re-routing abilities.

This morning was a little bitter sweet. With the move to having my treatment closer to home I won’t see my ladies at 5North or Eunice. They all made a point of saying they were going to miss seeing me and made me promise to come visit when I can. I was glad to hear Eunice is staying at Georgetown for the foreseeable future. I told her I was afraid I’d come back at the end of the summer and find her gone.

I started writing this post at 12:18. It’s now 3:12 and I’m already back home with PIP (portable infusion pump). I have to say I was surprised by how small the amount of 5FU is that I went home with. When I was on Folfox 6 (and yes the 6 means a certain protocol of drugs) before I was involved in a clinical trial. I would get a bolus of 5FU while at the infusion center and then go home with a bag of 5FU that was 4 times the size of the one I have today. I’m really hoping this reduced amount makes a significant difference in how I feel later this week.

It’s been a busy week already and won’t be letting up any time soon but God is good and He’s got this covered. If you pray for me at all, please pray that’s the grateful attitude I keep with me through what ever comes.


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