Biopsy #4

Because I like big needles! Yes yesterday’s biopsy makes the fourth one I’ve had because of this cancer. I had two liver biopsies the first go around. The lung biopsy in January and now this one. Technically, because you know I love throwing around medical terminology, I had a CT Guided Paraaortic Lymph Node Biopsy. Because of the location this required Dr. Lynskey to come in thru the ribs in my back and then thru my left lung to get at the lymph node. The precision needed to do this was the reason they used a CT Scan to show them where the needle was. I was given twilight sedation so I was awake during the procedure. I don’t know how many times they had to feed me back through the CT but it seemed like a lot. Of course I was 5 sheets to the wind and didn’t give a hoot and holler.

The only time I felt anything at all was at the end of the procedure when they were withdrawing the needle – I felt something cold. I was told by Dr. Lynskey that he would be pumping a gelfoam slurry into me as he retracted the needle. I laughed when he told me as I couldn’t help picturing construction spray foam.

The procedure went well and I was back out in recovery in an hour. The only problem I had was on the way home – I had big blocks of time missing but I know I was awake for everything. It took my wife Robin the whole drive home to get me to remember everything. Propofol can really mess with me.

Today I’m a little sore but other than that doing fine. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.


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