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Why a blog? On and off over the years I’ve kept a personal journal or diary. Often times these were short lived ventures. Mostly they played a vital role in emotionally getting me through a hard time in my life. With the advent of open source CMS I started playing with the likes of Joomla and thenWordpress. I initially started blogging as a way to express and share my thoughts with other evangelical, reformed Christians.

This book is a compilation of posts starting in August of 2005. My original intent was to hand down a simple Word document to my kids with the hope they’d get to know a little more about their Dad and too possibly hand down to any grandchildren.

The original sub-heading for my blog has always been “Standing on my soap box ranting at the world.” For anyone who knew me they know I had a opinion for anything and everything. Of course this often lead to “Insert Foot in Mouth Syndrome” but with it also came a great deal of learning on my part.

With the advent of my cancer in 2013 this became a lot more important. It’s currently April 2018 and the cancer has got a strong grip on me. I’ve been rushing to try and get this done so please excuse the grammar issues – never a strong forte of mine.

For you the reader I hope you’ll find some humor and levity thrown in among my rants. You’ll notice in the sections dealing with the cancer a lot of posts written on the same day. I had two audiences I was writing too. The first audience wasn’t necessarily Christians so I kept my posts to simply being updates. The other audience was my family, friends and my church.

And so I leave it all to you to make the most from it. If you are struggling or have a loved one struggling with cancer I hope you’ll find hope even in the midst of the pain. I lived far longer than I ever dreamed and it was in large part due to the amazing new immunotherapy treatments. My biggest piece of advice is to find somewhere to go who will take advantage of these breakthrough drugs.


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