Conservative Approach

Yesterday Robin and I drove up to Medstar Montgomery Hospital. More specifically we went to the Helen P. Denit Center for Radiation Therapy. The center is a relatively new addition to the hospital and it clearly shows in how nice the interior is with hardwood laminate flooring throughout. The staff was beyond wonderful and Robin and I just had a good feeling from the moment we walked (well I rolled – wheelchair) inside.

We met with Dr. Luther Ampey who instead of telling me what he knew asked me to explain to him what I knew. It was a nice change of pace. When I got done explaining to him everything I understood was going on in my abdomen his comment was, “Great, that’s my understanding also.” Nice to know we were starting off on the same page. When he asked what I was expecting out of the treatments I told him to stiffen the interior lining of my intestines in order to stop the bleeding. Anything else, like reduction in pain would be wonderful but not expected. Again I was saying the right thing.

His feeling to all of this is, any type of radiation treatment carries it’s own set of possible problems and instead of jumping right into the treatments he wants to sit back a week and see if the bleeding has been resolved by my getting off the blood thinners. So, next Monday I’ll go and have another CBC blood test and Tuesday I’ll see him to get the results and we’ll make a decision then as to whether or not to undergo 5 rounds of radiation therapy. I really appreciate the fact he isn’t jumping right in to doing the therapy but wants to weigh whether the treatments, which carry their own list of side effects; increased nausea, reduction in appetite (as if I can afford that) and initial inflammation of the stomach are worth the possible benefits.

On another front my vocal cord paralysis is getting progressively worse. It’s harder to swallow and I now have to take my pills with applesauce in order to get them down. I also can’t really cough so the phlegm I’m constantly dealing with is harder to loosen up. I have an appointment now scheduled with my ENT, Dr. Steven Shimoura for next Tuesday afternoon. Please pray there is something he can do to alleviate this problem.

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