Conversations With My Friends

These are simply some thoughts that have come to mind over the past 12 hours thru conversations I’ve had with brothers who share the same particular burden of sin that I do.

Friend: I feel like I’m waiting for the ship to come and it never does. I want the ship to come and take me away from this sin. I pray to God to take this one sin from my life. To let me be free and never think or dwell on it again. Why won’t He do that? You and I have both heard of others who are instantaneously, miraculously released from a particular sin, why can’t I be healed of this one?

Me: I can give you the pat answers. God is teaching us something. There is something that He wants us to still learn. Maybe there is something that we aren’t doing in our lives. Of course I can type up a laundry list of all the things that I know I should be doing. Maybe it’s some cumulative act of doing these things that you’re / I’m missing out on.

Friend: I feel like I’m out in the middle of the ocean and if that ship doesn’t come along soon I’m just going to drown. I’m going to die out here.

Me: What if you’re already on the ship and you just refuse to recognize that? We’re already saved – I believe we’re both saved. If that’s the case then we’re already on the ship heading to our destination.

Friend: I know what you’re saying but I don’t feel like I’m on the ship.

Me: That’s because we’re down in the engine room.

Friend: I’m in a stinky, dark hold and I want to get up on deck and breath clean air!

Me: (Thought bubble) I want to be invited to the formal dining room.  (Hmm, thinking about food again….)


Me: You know I used to smoke all the time, I mean I still like a cigar now and then, but I used to smoke a pack a day. You know the thing that made me really quit wasn’t for health concerns. At the end of the day I want to be able to go home and kiss my wife and not have to try and hide the fact that I smoked earlier.

I want to be able to do that with my Savior too. I don’t want to have to try and hide the sin from earlier in my day. I can’t hide it from Him anymore than I can hide the smoking from my wife.

Friend: Yeah, I want to be able to kiss my Bride.

Me: So, what’s more important to us, being able to kiss our Bride our living in our sin?

From what a friend said last night. We’ve got the foundation already laid, now we have to build the rest of the house. I want to start laying down the logs and that’s done one at a time. I just want to know this year that none of the logs are going to be taken back down. I also want to know that the construction project isn’t going to get put on hold. I’d like to at least get it under roof before Winter. I’d be really happy with that.

Just some thoughts to ponder.


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  1. the friend January 19, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    I’ve been thinking about that conversation. I wonder how significant it is to realize that our bride (or groom as it were) has by His own blood initiated the act of union with us in which He can kiss us freely without reserve. In other words we believe that somehow because of our sin that a veil still remains or worse that our lips are actually cankerous blistered gangrenous flthy putrid rotting olfactorily and tactially offensive in every way to our Bride (sorry for the mixed analogies)and yet He with the burning searing purifying coal of His own righteousness has cleaned and healed us completely. All that awaits is the sweet embrace which comes without hesitation and with full arousal. Oh if we only knew the Saviors love and affection for us.

  2. Rong January 19, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    And this of course dovetails back to our analogy of the ship.

    Are you sure you and I aren’t already on the ship?

    I keep thinking that I’m traipsing along lost in the bowels of the ship with barely enough light for me to see and comprehend what my surroundings are, let alone the fact that I’m in a ship. Every once in a while I bump into another wandering soul who’ll whisper something like, “We need to look for the stairs.”, or “Maybe if we cry out someone will hear us?”

    I’ve been pretty lucky lately. I found a whole group that’s decided to get together periodically in a larger cargo hold. Of course we all wander off in our different ways looking for the “stairs” or some other means by which we might get to the light, but we still get back together for comfort. Sometimes we’ll even appoint someone to go out as far as they can and try to find others who might be stumbling around lost.

    I think my ship analogy just failed at that last point, but hey it was fun while it lasted. Almost as good as the Server/Client relationship analogy. Still waiting to see you fully flesh out that one.

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