Day 6

The chemotherapy I’m on takes 3 days to administer. They (the oncologists and clinicians) count everything from the first day. Days 3-5 are supposed to be the icky days with what ever side effects I’m going to feel being the worst on those days. I’m chalking up an uneventful day 3 to the new anti-nausea drug that was administered on the first day as a pre-treatment. As you may recall day 3 of the last treatment was just plain ugly so I was very grateful that we didn’t have a repeat performance. However day 4, which was this past Friday made it clear that the FolFox6 regiment is not to be taken lightly. No performance but I certainly wasn’t feeling well either. Amazing how things can swing so dramatically between one day and the next. He’s up, he’s down, he’s back up again. It can be quite the roller coaster ride.

But today is day 6 and today is Sunday. It was great to get to church this morning and see all my friends. I was able to sit in with the high school group who I haven’t really seen all summer and catch up a bit with them. I’m looking forward to getting back in there after the men’s summer school class is finished next week. After getting home and walking the dogs I started to mow the yard. While sweating and spitting out the umpteenth gnat that had decided to commit suicide by flying into my panting mouth I began to mutt and mutter to myself about well yard work. Of course I wasn’t half way through that thought when I realized I should be thankful that I can mow my yard. I had to recognize the fact that this time next year I may very well be ecstatic if I can still get out and push a lawn mower around the yard.

To my good friend who looks at the glass as being half full – thank you. That comment of yours was the one I heard in the midst of all my pathetic whining.

Looking forward to day 7 and getting back to work tomorrow.

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  1. Rose Blondell August 25, 2013 at 8:34 pm

    Mike, you are not a whiner — you are a very courageous person and I admire you.
    Missed seeing you at church. We were there too.

  2. Bobbie August 25, 2013 at 9:30 pm

    You are amazing. I love the way you are acknowledging the tough side while also finding the silver lining. It’s a tough row to hoe, but you are getting through it like a champ. I used to love to kind of count down each time I finished a treatment. Before you know it you’ll be on the last one. Praying you up and hoping you and Robin have a fantastic week!!!!!!!

  3. Ann Marie Railing August 26, 2013 at 2:40 pm

    A) You’re allowed to whine when you need to. 😉
    B) Everyone’s version of whining is a little different, especially when it comes to yard work.
    C) On that note, try spraying Deet on your hat before you start. My ‘ugh-grrrr’ moment usually comes when I’m mowing a straight line, then I flip back around for the next row and all the short grass clippings hit me in the face and eyes. Good times.

    Love You!


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