Dr. Marshall

When I spoke with Dr. Pishvian on Wed. he’d informed me they would most likely go after the lymph node for the biopsy as it was the largest tumor. However it was also in a difficult location to get at and he’d be speaking with Dr. Marshall for her opinion on the best approach to take.  So it was no surprise when I got a call from Dr. Marshall’s office asking if I could come in to talk to her about scheduling the biopsy surgery. Thankfully it was a cruddy morning which, working for a roofing company, meant there was no work being done. Working in Bethesda meant even with the morning traffic I could be at Georgetown University Hospital in 30 minutes.

After a two hour wait (REALLY?) she came bursting into the exam room I was getting ready to take a nap in. She was out of breath and wearing one of those ‘surgical-blue’ hair nets. She’d just gotten out of surgery and had walked up the 5 flights of stairs to her office. She pulled up my recent CT scan on the computer and showed me the images of the 2 lesions in my lung and then showed me the enlarged lymph node. Yup, they were all pretty self evident even to this lay man. So first things first she wants me to get a PET scan so they can try and determine how active the tumors are as well as see if there is anything the CT scan didn’t find. My CT scan was just the chest the PET she ordered is a full body CT/PET scan. Reminder to self – make sure you have pre-authorization from your insurance company for this – they are ridiculously expensive!

On 1/17/17 I’ll have the PET scan done. I still have to speak with Dr. Marshall’s surgical scheduler to see about getting the biopsy done. I imagine I’ll be starting on the immunotherapy treatment come February.

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