Dr. Marshall

Robin and I went to Georgetown Hospital today for the first time. The area that we needed to get to has the parking lot area under construction so it was quite hectic getting around and figuring out where we were going. The waiting area that we found ourselves was pretty busy with lots of people in to see the various physicians that had their offices along the two main halls off of the waiting area. I really started to feel like a very small and insignificant cog in an incredibly mad house of a machine. After about half an hour we were shuffled into a small exam room where a nurse came in to get my vitals and then we met Dr. M. Blair Marshall who is a thoracic surgeon. Unfortunately she had already gotten the summary report from the CT Scan I had yesterday and informed me that it showed the cancer had spread to my liver and there for surgery was off the table and that I’d have to get with an oncologist. The train is picking up speed and it doesn’t look like there’s that much track ahead of us.

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