Drain Me

I’m writing this blog on the 22nd but have post dated the post so it will show up in the timeline correctly.

This morning Robin and I headed down to Georgetown University Hospital so I could have the Pleurx Catheter installed. Not a whole lot to say about the procedure since I was sedated and slept through the whole thing and I’m thankful for that. This sucker hurts. Well the incision site does. Coughing creates a very nice, sharp, needle like pain.

Every evening Robin and I go through the process of draining and built up fluids. Robin picked up the process after Dr. Krochmal showed us how to do it so we have it down to a science now. It’s been interesting to record how much fluid we get because it has gone down so rapidly.

  • Fri. 320ml
  • Sat. 175ml
  • Sun. 75ml
  • Mon. 15ml

This evening we’re going to skip draining based on how little we got out last night. Plus, tomorrow I have a follow up with Dr. Krochmal in the morning. It will be interesting to hear what she has to say about the quick reduction in fluid output.

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