We are all dreamers. It’s one of the characteristics that sets us apart from the rest of creation. We are visionaries. We see things thru our minds eye that we have never seen, nor which we have accomplished and yet we form, mold and attempt to create them into being. And we seemingly do this with every aspect of our lives. We envision getting out of school, having particular careers, being in relationships, and having certain possessions. We see ourselves in future eras of our lives and then try to create a path that will get us there. We are our own playwright, the world is our stage and everyone else is an actor in our production. But that is where we get into trouble.

We want to be the god our lives.
“Not so”, you say.
“Who me?! Try to be God?! Why I would never do that”
And yet as we cast our vision on our future we attempt to do just that. And no matter how much you may want to deny that you’re playing God, the truth is we all are.

But it’s how we’re made. We are visionaries because we are created in the image of God. God, being the greatest dreamer, visionary and creator has imparted that same ability to us. Paul David Tripp in his book, Lost In The Middle contends that God gave us this gift so we could see past the reality of this temporal world and thru his Word we would be lead to grasp who he is. That without our ability to envision that which we’ve never seen or even experienced we would forever be blind to knowing God or understanding his love for us.

The problem is we’ve taken this incredibly powerful gift and we’ve all misused it. Instead of dreaming of God and his glory we dream of our own, short lives. We cast the people around us as characters in our play and we are bewildered when they don’t perform as scripted. We imagine future expectations for ourselves and are crushed when the fail to materialize or are left with sorrow when they don’t provide the joy we were sure they would.

So what’s the take away? Are we to stop dreaming? The very thought is laughable, it’s like asking if should we stop breathing. I am always going to be a dreamer, but I have to put my dreams in a different perspective than I have in the past. I have to recognize them for what they sometimes are, humble myself to the pride that they can often create inside of me and be willing to rest in God’s sovereignty over my life.

I have a dream, am I willing to rest in faith that God has one for me too?

Faith leads me to believe that His is way better than mine.

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