Today was a very busy day. I had to take my father to the Medstar Washington Hospital Center. He’s being evaluated to receive a TAVR –¬†transcatheter aortic valve replacement. His heart is operating at only 25% capacity because his valve won’t open as wide as it should. He’s having a whole gamut of cardiac tests done so the surgical team can determine how best to proceed. After getting him settled in it was time for me to travel cross town to get to my own doctors appointment.

I met with Dr. Marshall for a follow-up visit for the lung biopsy she performed 2 weeks ago, but first I had to get a chest x-ray. A quick stop at radiology took care of that and then I went upstairs to see Dr. Marshall. It was funny to me that just this morning the glue that had been used over the two incision sites had both fallen off while taking a shower. The incisions looked really good so I knew the visit was perfunctory, and it was. I did however have to bring up the need for another biopsy as part of the clinical trial I’m participating in. She wasn’t thrilled with that idea but scheduled me for a repeat performance on March 1. She does want me to follow up with Dr. Pishvaian to see if someone else can do a needle biopsy of the enlarged lymph node.

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