Four More?

I’m currently sitting in my infusion chair at Georgetown University Hospital. I say “my” because I’ve claimed the chair in the one corner of the ward for most of this past year. Silly how little things like sitting in the same chair every time can add a sense of normalcy to what is far from normal. But this has become my place to be every other Monday and I’ve staked my claim to this one chair.

I’m receiving treatment number 22 as I type this and it’s my understanding that I only have 4 more treatments to go. After that I imagine I’ll only be coming here for periodic checkups and CT Scans. Funny, I’ve already been thinking that I’ll have to make a point of coming up to 5 North and visiting with the nurses who have become so much more to me than simply care providers. Marta who greets me with her warm smile and soulful eyes, Mercedes who runs the floor with an iron fist and huge teddybear heart, and the nurses who have watched over me: Joan, Jean, Paula, Jameela & Kim. An amazing group of ladies that I am truly indebted to for the level of loving care I’ve received this past year.

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  1. Rose Blondell August 17, 2014 at 7:27 pm

    Those nurses will be your friends for life — sound like lovely ladies.

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