This past Saturday afternoon my wife and I were getting ready to go over to a friends house to celebrate the husbands birthday. The party has become a huge event with upwards of 100 people stopping by through out the day. It’s called Pie Day – the idea being that everyone has to bring a pie, because Fred doesn’t like cake for his birthday. It is a day of unbridled gluttony, a human feeding frenzy with much more than just pie’s in the offing. It is a day that I look forward to passionately!

Thinking that we were getting ready to leave shortly I was a bit annoyed when my wife said for me to go look out in the front yard.

“Go look at what?” I asked

“Just go outside and look,” was her more than insistent reply.

Going out the front door I looked down the street that runs straight out from in front of our house to see a group of motorcyclists coming down the street. This is what my wife wanted me to see? Cool, I thought to myself, and at that moment it suddenly dawned on me that I knew these fools, it was some of my old riding partners from the MD Xiles. A big ol grin spread across my face as in unison they all started gunning their engines and the sound of a half dozen VTX’s reverberated off the surrounding houses. With a sudden surge one of the riders gunned his bike and drove up to me standing there on my front lawn. With an equal sized grin spreading across his face I found myself giving Norm “daBeast” a hug before he could even get off his bike.

“What the hell are y’all doin here?” I incredulously asked while trying to keep the tears at bay.

Not even realizing that she’d come up along side me my wife asked if I liked the surprise? Oh my, what could I possibly say that would describe the incredible joy I felt at that moment seeing these old dear friends. While at the same time feeling humbled in recognizing that they’d come to see me, yet since Big Red bit the big one in 2011 I’d been quite absent from their lives. So there I stood for a moment taking it all in as I watched them get off their bikes and remove their helmets. And then the handshakes and hugs began. What an incredible gesture this unwarranted visit was.

The next 3 hours were spent eating the bounty of food that they had brought on their bikes and in catching up with each other. Robin and Norm had apparently been conspiring for the past month in trying to pick a Saturday that would work and Pie Day created the perfect cover. As I looked around our kitchen table I couldn’t help but match up each face with various rides we’d been on together.  Our annual trip the first Saturday in October to Deep Creek Lake which had become such an event that it warranted spending the night so we could add even more back road wanderings to the weekend. Jason “Bulldog’s” party every summer that attracted 100’s of VTX’ers. The various rides I’d made either to the Eastern shore so the Greaze could rate the crab cakes at yet another restaurant or the rides through the Catoctin Mountains just so we could ride it’s twisting roads. Looking at Kathy and her husband I couldn’t help but think of our mad excursion to Niagara Falls and then up around Lake Ontario, and the incredibly cool restaurant we stumbled on to in Cobourg, Ontario.

As our time together wound down I couldn’t help but wonder that for the love a two wheeled demon I’d never have crossed paths with these good people. That even after an absence of two years they would still think fondly enough of me to visit makes me wonder what Kool-Aid container they’ve been drinking from while at the same time thanking God that they drank so deeply. Then again there is something about the bonds that are created while riding a motorcycle that seemingly defy most explanations. Watching these friends saddle up and ride off I couldn’t help but thank God again for the mid-life crisis that caused me to purchase a motorcycle and steered me to meeting this crazy and loving group of motorcyclists.


Xile Surpise Visit

MD Xiles – thank you for a few years of riding that created a life time of memories.


Honda VTX1800N

Honda VTX1800N

Mississippi Gulf Coast 2010

Mississippi Gulf Coast 2010


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  1. Bobbie November 4, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    You are such an easy guy to love Mike!!!

  2. Rose Blondell November 4, 2013 at 9:12 pm

    Wow, what a wonderful surprise on Saturday. Sounds like a great group of friends!

  3. Keri Jacobs November 4, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    So glad they did that ! What a reunion!

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