God Ripping’em a New One!

Yes the title is vulgar in its visual imagery, but not more so than God’s own description of Samaria and Jerusalem in Ezekiel 23:1-21. HT to Salguod.

We (most Christians) read Ezekiel and passages like this one, getting no further with what is being said than to think of the folly of the ancient Jewish people. We read this and shake our heads thinking, “They had Jehovah, the Living God, with them all along and yet constantly refused to listen to him. How utterly foolish!” Yet are we any different that ancient Isreal?

What would we think if instead we were to read and hear the same scathing indictments against our own country? Don’t we do the same things. Don’t we, through our inaction, allow our rulers to get in bed with dictators and despots? What do we (Christians) say to the modern Ezekiel’s of our time? Are we willing to bend an ear to their words and study what they are saying or do we more often than not scoff at them with the rest of secular society and try to distance ourselves from them? We say things like, “Well they call themselves Christian, and I’m sure they are well intentioned, but we just don’t hold to the same ideology.” i.e., They’re a nut job and please don’t put me in the same boat with them just because we both call ourselves Christian. I wonder if that’s what the “moderate” Jews in Ezekiel’s time said about him?

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  1. salguod April 3, 2008 at 9:38 pm

    Hey, I saw your trackback on this and never came back and said thanks for the linkage. Sorry ’bout that.

    I would hate to hear, I think, what God would say to the USA. That’s a bit scary to admit, you know?

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