Happy Monday

Yes you read the title of the post correctly, Happy Monday, and that’s not because I’m on vacation. After all the fun that I had at the end of last week being back to work today is an absolute blessing

If you will allow for a little whining read on otherwise – skip – to the next paragraph. Last Thursday I had my follow up CT Scan so my oncologist can see how the four rounds of chemo did in giving my cancer a good SHWACK!

Mr. Goiter Nech

Inflamed Tonsil

Unfortunately the barium that I had to drink prior to the scan (nectar of the gods though it be) and the delicious BK breakfast I grabbed on the way into the office decided that they didn’t like each other and decided a tête-à-tête was necessary. Due to the ensuing rumblings of my stomach and a head that was beginning to swim I decided I’d rather see the outcome finished at home and left work early. Later that evening my right tonsil which had been getting a bit painful the last two days decided it was time to join in on the fun. The swimming head feeling was actually a low grade fever that visited me for the next two days while my tonsil insisted on being taken seriously by growing to goiter like proportions. I visited my primary on Friday and then actually went to the ER on Saturday when it got even worst. Unfortunately it wasn’t bad enough to warrant an all out assault nor were there any magic drugs to be offered. Bah even a sugar pill would at least give the pretense of doing something. Thankfully I awoke Sunday morning with the fever broken so goiter and I were able to attend church.

Tomorrow morning Robin and I will be meeting with Dr. Pishvaian to go over the results of  the CT Scan. I’m hoping for a significant decrease in the size of the tumor in my esophagus and an abatement of any growth in my liver. I’m sure we’ll also be talking about the clinical trial that’s being offered by MedImmune. I know that if I am going to be a participant (fingers crossed/prayers sent/candles lit) that I first have to detox off the chemo for a month. Hopefully I’ll be able to start on the trial the first or second week in October. I’ll be sure to update you with all the fun details from tomorrows consultation. Until then I hope you’re experiencing a Very Happy Monday!

UPDATE 7:39PM: Well my happy Monday just went poof. I spoke with Dr. Pishvaian who informed me that because there are so many participants for this trial that MedImmune is asking that the trials team stagger the participant entry and I’m not slated until the latter half of October which means, drum roll please, I get to have another round of chemotherapy tomorrow. I told him you’re about to make a 52 year old man cry. I’d say it’s time for stiff drink but I don’t think my stomach will put up with that foolishness anymore. (Sigh)

OK so I’m refusing to end this post on a sour note. He also told me that he had a chance to look at the CT Scan and that it looked great. I’ll find out tomorrow the details on that but honestly did sound happy with the results. So silver lining and happy thoughts to all of you. good night.

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  1. rheba kelley September 16, 2013 at 9:49 pm

    Wow….you’ve had a day! SO GLAD to hear that the CT results sound promising. We’re praying that you do get into the trial, at just the right time for your body to benefit most. Happy Tuesday….

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