Happy Thanksgiving Indeed

The day after Thanksgiving I went in to have a scheduled CT scan. Time fly’s and it has been 3 months since the last check up. In the past I’d have a scan done on a Friday with an appointment with my oncologist scheduled for the following Monday. This time I wasn’t able to see Dr. Pishvaian until today. You know you’ve got a great Dr. when they make a point of emailing you over the weekend the subject line of: “CT Looks Good Again” and the simple message, “Just read results – see you Wednesday”. 

So I saw the mighty Dr. P. today but before he came in the nurse asked if I remembered Karen Vogle. I said I did remember her but was curious why. The nurse said Karen heard I was coming in today and wanted to see me. How cool I thought. Karen was the RN that worked with me back in 2013 when I was on chemotherapy and I hadn’t interacted with her since that fall. When Dr. P. came in I mentioned Karen and said it was nice being remembered. He looked at me, head cocked, a grin on his face saying, “Well you’re kind of famous here.” He then proceeded to tell me he was trying to write a paper on me (without using my name) but had been unsuccessful in hearing back from MedImmune. I guess that’s to get a release from them. I look forward to reading the paper when he’s able to publish it. I won’t understand anything but it’ll be cool knowing I’m patient X.

What an incredibly blessed way to ring in the holiday season.

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  1. Sherry December 4, 2015 at 9:56 pm

    Praise The Lord!

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