Hard Decision

The cancer has been steadily progressing and it became obvious to me over the weekend that the trial I was on just wasn’t working – not sure it ever had. On Sunday I emailed Dr. Pishvaian and let him know I was discontinuing the medication. Yesterday Robin and I met with him to close out of the trial and discuss options. He had one last chemotherapy drug he could recommend but one of the main side effects would probably be more detrimental than the good it might do. Based on that comment I have decided to forgo any further treatment. Not an easy decision for either of us to make but one we are coming too peace with. It was especially difficult saying goodbye to Dr. Pishvaian, Eunice and my nurses on 5 North.

Next up on this journey is hospice. I’m signing up with Montgomery Hospice and as much as possible they will help me with in home care.

Please continue with your prayers for me. As I said the other day I can see the finish line but the race isn’t over yet. Please pray the hospice doctors and nurses can keep the pain tolerable and I have the energy I need in order to spend time with family and friends. Pray I finish the race strong and unwavering.

Thank you all for sticking with me to the end.


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