It’s All Noise

Rev. Young has been preaching a series on Proverbs.  In Sundays sermon he commented on the small inner voice that is our conscience.  I’ve been thinking a lot about that voice and how easy it is to not hear it. Listening for it/to it is something that one actually has to work at, or I’d rather say “nurture”.  To the person who hasn’t accepted Christ, you can think of it as the little angel on your shoulder, although I think it more to be the God breathed essence of Himself that is in all of creation.  For the Christian I think it’s the Spirit of God speaking to us.   I turned on the radio in the car this morning and as the music came thru the speakers I couldn’t help but think that it was nothing more than noise.  It was as pollution to my soul, not because of the lyrics or rhythm or any of the other fundy sounding reasons I’m sure others come up with, but because it was drowning out that tiny internal voice that I too infrequently listen to.  As I thought about this and how the music had silenced the voice of my conscience I started to look around me at everything and realized it just wasn’t the music from the radio that was the issue, it was everything.  Like a man who has suddenly regained all of his senses I saw everything around me as if for the first time. In all of it’s fallen ways the world around me, the world that man had created for himself was a din of distractions.

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