It’s Just a Midline

I should know better than to ever preface a procedure with, “It’s just”. I got a midline inserted again today for tomorrow’s chemotherapy. It should have taken no more than 30 minutes. 90 minutes later after 2 surgical nurses failed to get it in, it took the IR doc another 30 minutes to finally get one in far enough to work for tomorrow, and that was his second attempt. The veins in my right arm kept constricting, besides the fact that they all look like one clover leaf after another. I could feel the wire guide getting as far as up into my arm pit and then stopping.

First attempt blew a vein – not sure I want to know what that actually means. Second attempt failed because they couldn’t get any blood to draw. Third attempt (Dr. Fields) just couldn’t get it in far enough. Finally on the fourth attempt they got it 12cm in with 2cm hanging out. Keep in mind the midline catheter started out at 20cm and they had to cut it down because there just wasn’t enough “of me” to work with. This is all because of the SVC Syndrome that was stented last week.

BUT I get the gold star award for being the best pin cushion they’ve had in interventional radiology in years. I told Dr. Fields I’m sure he never wants to see me again to which he replied, “No we’d love to see you again – but only to visit.” I’ve got to say even after all that I absolutely love the surgical team at Medstar Montgomery Medical Center. Here’s a little shout out to everyone I can remember; Faruq, Kim and Jheremey (with an “H”). And of course “dad” – Dr. Fields who tries to keep them in line but fails miserably. Thanks for another memorable visit. 🙂 I seriously appreciate all the hard work it took to get this midline in place. You guys ROCK!!

Tomorrow is chemo and next Wed. we’ll attempt to get the mediport inserted again. Never a dull moment. I can say all this because I’m actually feeling better than I’ve felt in a long while. Getting the SVC dilated is a notable success!

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  1. Kathleen Judson May 22, 2017 at 6:13 pm

    Love you, big brother !

    • Michael Kenney May 22, 2017 at 7:05 pm

      Love you too Kathleen!

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