July 10,2013

Note to self: After having anesthesia DO NOT eat a banana. Stick to the prescribed bland offings of broth and jello.

I’ve got my new best friend attached to my chest just below my collar bone. I can’t see him yet because of the bandage. I came out of surgery yesterday and felt great. I was being a pain in the butt because I was ready to go and they wanted me to wait for 2 hours for observations. I was starving and itching to get something to eat but by the time we got home I was past hungry but the banana looked like something simple to have. Bad, bad, very bad idea. The next two hours were not fun to the point that we called the surgeons emergency number so I could get a prescription of anti-nauseous medicine. Poor Robin is already in the thick of having to deal with this along with me. Thank God I have such an incredible help mate.

So this morning I was supposed to pop over to radiology and get the CT Scan of my pelvis. BLECH more barium! Egad that’s a foul tasting concoction. Poor little old lady in front of me just couldn’t deal with it. Not sure what they finally did for her. Then on top of the barium I had to play 20 questions with the lab tech because he couldn’t understand why I was getting a CT of only the pelvis. I was almost laughing because he was sincerely wanting to know what the purpose was as if I had any clue. Yes my friend we’d all like to know why we do what we do but sometimes we just have to shrug our shoulders and do as we’re asked. Nice enough guy and I know I’ll be seeing him again, hopefully next time it will all make sense – to both of us.

Tomorrow is apparently a full day especially since I’m participating in this clinical trial. There’s always a gazillion questions to answer so they can get a base line on everything from how I’m physically doing to how I’m feeling emotionally. I’ve read all the literature on the side effects to have a pretty solid idea of what I might experience. Some of the side effects are simply bizarre like everything feeling super cold to the touch to the point that I have to make sure to wear gloves if I get something out of the freezer. Guess I should pin a pair to the refrigerator – LOL.

You can certainly pray for me to be at peace tomorrow and for Robins patience since she’s going to be with me the whole day. (Yeah you can read that both ways.)


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