July 2, 2013

This past Sunday evening a good friend of ours Dr. Esther Chang Harford approached me wanting to know what the scoop was.  She is an oncology research professor at Georgetown.  After finding out who we were going to see her comment was, “Oh I know Michael.  I have a meeting with him on Monday and I’ll let him know who he’s dealing with!”  Robin and I felt so much more at peace knowing that Esther gave him her seal of approval.

So Robin and I met with Dr. Michael Pishvaian today. He’s a, well younger than us guy, and very low key.  He kept things to the basic facts.  He doesn’t like to go into great detail about the cancer as far as staging it.  His opinion is there’s just too big of a bell curve when dealing with cancer and he doesn’t want his patients dwelling on any negatives at the onset.  He wants me to focus instead on whats ahead and with that he laid out what the treatment plan will be for the next 2 months.  He also introduced us to a trial that I can be a part of if I so decide.  Overall Robin and I went away feeling better than we’d felt since the tumor was found.
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