July 9, 2013

Last Friday while enjoying a 4 day holiday weekend Dr. Pishvaian called and asked if I’d made any decision about my treatment.  I didn’t at first catch on to what exactly he was asking, until he asked, “Are you putting yourself in my hands?”  What an interesting phrase to use…

I’m a Christian and I believe in the sovereignty of God in all things including my cancer.  Obviously I’ve been struggling with what all of this means and could mean.  There are still questions in my mind as to whether the chemo will be effective and just the myriad of “what if’s” my brain can churn out when I’m awake at 3AM.  But even in the midst of all that personal turmoil I have never stopped believing that God is in control.  I’ve looked back on the whirl wind that has been this past two weeks and how all these appointments with physicians and radioligists have lined up and I can’t help but see God’s guiding hand in all of it.  I am in HIs mighty hands and he is Jehovah Rapha the Great Healer.  And now I have this person asking me if I’m placing myself in his hands.  Because I see Dr. Pishvaian as being providentially placed in my life and I in his, it was comforting to say, “Yes, I’m placing myself in your hands.”
His reply, “Excellent then we need to move some mountains so we can get your treatment started next week.”
Entering Ludicrous Speed!
So yesterday I needed to give the vampires more blood samples as part of this trial which is looking at my genetic makeup in determining the chemo dosage.  My understanding was the genetic testing on the blood and getting the lab results usually took a week, but apparently not when Dr. Pishvaian wants it NOW.
Today Robin and I are meeting with Dr. Pishvaian at 10:30 and then I’m going next door to Montgomery General where I’m having a mediport installed and getting a liver biopsy done.  Tomorrow I have to get another CT Scan done, this time of my pelvis as part of the clinical trial protocol.  And then Thursday I’ll be going down to Georgetown for my first chemo infusion.
I feel like Maxwell the Gieco piggy – Weeeeee!  Now where are my pinwheels.
As always, please keep me in your prayers.
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