June 27, 2013

Yesterday I had a CT Scan done of my abdomen and chest so they could get a picture of what was going on outside my esophagus.  With that in hand Robin and I drove down to Georgetown University Hospital to meet with Dr. M. Blair Marshall a thoracic surgeon.  Unfortunately the preliminary report from the CT shows that the cancer has spread to my liver which takes surgery off of the table for the time being.

We’re now moving onto the fun land of the oncologist.  Shortly after returning home I received a call from a nurse coordinator in the oncology department and she was able to set me up with an appointment for next Tuesday at our local hospital.  Because Montgomery General and Georgetown are part of MedStart, the Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown has an oncology satellite office at Montgomery General.  This is going to make things a whole lot easier as getting to Georgetown is a royal PITA.
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