No Jumping Out Windows

So, what do you write to your 20 year old when their world comes crashing down around them?

I’m writing because I know I won’t be able to say the things I’d want over the phone.

Am I disappointed, sure but probably not half as much as I know you are. If you’re anything like me you’re sick to your stomach with all the uncertainty that stands in front of you. I’d like to say the old cliche, “been there done that”, and while it’s true that I’ve found myself in the same type of gut wrenching situation, I know that doesn’t make yours any more palatable. The reality is there is nothing that I can say or do that is going to relieve the discomfort that you’re going to go thru until all of this has been resolved; one way or the other.

But I do want to offer you hope. I want you to remember that no matter what the outcome you are loved by many people and that doesn’t change because of your circumstance. Circumstances in life; come and go, can be good or bad, but they in themselves do not define who we ultimately are. Sure, they can point to areas in our lives that may need improvement but DO NOT let allow them to define how you view yourself. Always remember that by the redeeming blood of your Lord, you are a reborn creation. That is WHO you are and that is WHAT you are. Never forget that. THAT is what defines you, not any poor decisions you have or may make. While this may be a monumental moment at this point in your life, it’s a barely discernible blip on God’s eternal plan for you.

And I want to offer you something that you can always take to the bank; my love. I love you and that will never change. So be strong and know that I will be praying for you.

Always here,

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