Mountain from a Mole Hill

Back on Dec. 15 we were at a Christmas party, at which I overindulged. Later that evening I paid for it with acid re-flux causing me to aspirate which put me into some horrific coughing fits. The next day I noticed a hard knot in the middle of the incision site from the small bowel resection. It didn’t hurt but it was a little disconcerting. Doing some internet searching I figured I’d coughed myself a hernia. GREAT!
The following Tuesday I met with Dr. Pishvaian and brought it to his attention. He too thought it was a hernia – rather nonchalantly. So I took it’s existence nonchalantly also. At least I did until the evening of the 29th when I started noticing a dull ache. Working myself up to full hypochondriac status I researched incisional hernias. Knowing my luck I figured I could be in some real pain by New Years Day so I had Robin drive me the Georgetown ED Saturday morning. 8 hours and an abdominal CT scan later it was determined it wasn’t a hernia but an internal infection near the resection site. I was pumped up with Flagyl and Cipro then sent home with a 10 day regiment of the antibiotics.

So endith this blog tale but not the whole story…

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