New Trial – Day 1

I’m currently at Georgetown University Hospital sitting in my favorite chair in 5 North – 5 North being the location of the infusion clinic for clinical trials. The nurse who normally takes care of me if off today so instead of Kim I have Jason. I’ve commented before on Jason’s effervescent personality. I told him earlier today I really appreciated his upbeat attitude, it certainly helps perk up what could otherwise be a long tedious day.

Speaking of which.. what a long tedious day I’m having. 🙂  I came down early to beat the traffic and get my labs drawn before meeting with Dr. Pishvaian at 9:35. 9:35 of course became 10:15 which meant I didn’t get back up stairs until close to 11:ooam. I then had to 3 more sets of labs drawn; one in-house, one for the pharma company and one for some other research project being conducted at the hospital – I don’t even ask any more. I then took my 560mg of Ibrutinib, which I found out today I DO have to take every day. I still have to also come back down each Tuesday so they can run labs and specifically check my platelets. Every third Tuesday I’ll have another infusion of Docetaxel. The Docetaxel takes an hour to run and then I have to wait for 2 hours to make sure I don’t grow the proverbial third eye, or have some other horrid side effect. I’m 15 minutes into getting the chemo so I don’t expect to get out of here until after 4:oopm. Ergo, a tedious day.

You know, I came down here this morning in not the best of spirits. Knowing I’m going to get my tail end whooped by this new chemotherapy treatment is not something I look forward too. But I did take great comfort today in a number of things.

  • I was greeted this morning by two emails  from some dear friends which was a great start.
  • I then took the time to finally respond to a dear brother who had written me from jail. Getting a letter of “encouragement” from someone who has lost every thing helped me refocus my priorities and get me off my pitty party train.
  • Then of course there was getting to see all my peeps in 5 North. These people are far more than simply my nurses, they have become wonderful friends who truly care for my well being.

Life may not be easy but praise God, it is good!


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  1. Kathleen Judson October 24, 2017 at 4:47 pm

    Love you, soooo much]]!

  2. Sherry October 25, 2017 at 12:48 am

    Lord, Jehovah Rapha, Healer,

    I lift up my friend, Mike, to You. You have the power to cure. You give us the ability to praise. Today we ask You to heal Mike, and to give us all the power to praise You!

    In Jesus’ Name,


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