New York City

On my way to NY, NY

Well I had some fun today. I went up to NY city to be in a video on immunotherapy for I was filmed by a company called Space Station Media Production. A young lady named Ellie Canos was my contact and was extremely helpful in getting me up to NY on Amtrak and walking me thru the process once I was up there. Space Station doesn’t have their own studio but uses set’s throughout the city. Today they were shooting at a place called DV Depot in the garment district. Funkiest place I’ve been in. Part fabric wearhouse part hi-tech studio – only in New York.

I sat down with a make up artist, which was a completely new experience for me. She was delightful and had me looking 10 years younger in no time. I then met Chris who was directing things. I was looking at the camera but what I was seeing was a projection of Chris who was sitting off to my right behind a curtain. I stood on my mark and basically had a conversation with Chris who would prompt me by simply asking questions. It was all very low key and comfortable. 30 minutes later we were all done, I shook everyones hands and was on my way back to Penn Station.

But first I had to get something to eat. Walking back along 8th Ave. I realized I didn’t have nearly as much time as I’d have liked. It was 1:00 and my return train was scheduled to depart at 2:02. Looking into the windows of the crowded restaurants I was beginning to think I’d have to make due with the food court in the train station. At least that was my thought until the Good Lord lead me to Famiglia Pizzeria. So apparently any real New Yorker knows about Famiglia’s but this was completely new to me. What a god send. This was hands down the best slice of pie I’ve ever had. It’s reason enough for me to want to go back to New York!

The train ride home was as uneventful as the ride up and I was back home just before 6. What a day.

A big thanks to my amazing wife who, despite her incredibly hectic work life, made sure to get home in time to deal with our four legged beast. Thanks for allowing me to have my ego stroked – yet again.

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