Number 3

Yesterday I started my third treatment, this time at the MedStar Montgomery Medical Center Infusion Center. What a difference from having to go down to Georgetown University. 15 minute commute with no traffic. Free parking with a short walk to the entrance and the facility itself WOW is it nice. Instead of tile floors it has a nice wood laminate that gives the place a much more comfortable feel. The staff was excellent and made me feel quite relaxed.

I met with a Dr. Jamie Koprivnikar who is filling in for Dr. Pishvaian while he’s out of the country. She was extremely sweet in taking an inordinate amount of time to answer my questions and I genuinely sensed this is a person who really cares about the patient. Talk about putting someone at ease. The oncologists I’ve met so far have all had great bed side manners. I can’t imagine specializing in this field knowing the number of your patients who aren’t going to be 100% cured and then still have the character to not build an emotional wall between yourself and them. I feel very blessed to have so many kind and caring people working with me. It sure makes the road a lot smoother.

Oh and new meds this time around. Since I had such a horrid case of nausea last time they brought out the latest and greatest. Not only do I have the Zofran but they gave me an IV yesterday of Emend which is supposed to be “magic” according to my trials coordinator. Karen, the nurse I had yesterday, commented that it’s effects last 7 days. If that holds true – WAHOO!

I got out for a short walk this morning – thanks to the loving prodding of my wife. It was definitely what the doctor ordered. Other than a bit of the chemo brain going on (read marsh mellow fluff stuffed in your head) I’m doing well. I just had breakfast and am waiting on my good friend Curt to swing by for coffee.

Thank you all for your continuing prayers and well wishes. When you wonder what you can do to help – you’re already doing it by just being here for me.

Love you all – peace,Mike

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  1. Ann Marie Railing August 21, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    What wonderful news to read, Mike! So happy you’re able to get your treatments closer to home. Am also glad to hear the stand-in doc has been just as stellar as your regular doc. Will keep the prayers coming.



  2. Bobbie August 21, 2013 at 11:43 pm

    Yay for new meds that hold the chemo effects at bay. I am delighted about that and about the closer treatment site, that is fantastic. I’ll be glad when you can go home. Praying you have a much better post treatment period this time. Kudos to your lovely prodder, er wife!!!! Excellent job getting you up and running. Hugs to you both and continued prayer.

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