Number Five

Yes it’s time for another update. Today is infusion number five. That means I’ve been on this current regiment for 15 weeks. My next infusion will be on January 16th. On the 12th I’ll be getting another CT scan so when I have my appointment on the 16th we’ll be able to see how effective the treatments have been.

I came in early this morning so I could get a chest x-ray to see how the pleural effusion in my left lung is doing. I asked the x-ray tech if I could take a peak and unfortunately even with my layman’s understanding I could see the lung was half occluded by the fluids built up again. Honestly after walking up a couple of flights from the parking garage – and huffing like a freight train – I wasn’t surprised at the result, but I was surprised at how quickly it’s coming back.

Dr P. wasn’t in this morning (slacker) so I saw one of his colleagues, Dr. Filipa Lynce. Because of the lethargy I’ve been feeling they were going to cut back on the Docataxel. Given I’ll have a CT done before the next infusion I told, him last week and Dr. Lynce today I’d rather stay at the same strength until we know if this is working or not. I’ll put up with the lethargy if the drugs are working.

It’s getting on to 10:30 and I’m just waiting for the drugs to get delivered from the pharmacy. Once that happens the process takes about 2 hours and then I’m outta…


That was the sound of this blog post having the brakes thrown on. I was just about to post this blog figuring I was done when Kim, my nurse, came to see me. Apparently my blood work came back with a low red cell count and Dr. Lynce wants to give me a transfusion.  This really came as a bit of a shock. I don’t normally ask for or look at the results of my blood work and I had no idea my red blood cell count has slowly been decreasing over the past couple of months. Today it’s below the “low” threshold which is why they want to do the transfusion. Something new for me to research, and something new to pray for.

I hope you all had as joyous a Christmas with your family and friends as I did yesterday. Wishing for all of us a fun, yet non-eventful (some might even say boring) 2018!


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  1. Norman December 26, 2017 at 9:01 pm

    Still praying for you, my friend!

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