Oh the Audacity

I can’t remember where or from whom I saw it, but there is a recent blog post “out there” with well over a hundred comments from people writing in the things that you’ll never hear in church – but probably should. This past Saturday at our SMGC meeting the following two comments were made.

Life was just a whole lot easier before I became a Christian.


I guess in some ways life was easier. Neither the Yakuza or myself were married before we became Christians. The only responsibility we had was to ourselves. We did what we wanted, when we wanted and how we wanted with nary a second thought. These days not only do we have our wives and children to consider in our decision making, but we have also become heirs of the King of Kings and that requires an entirely new consideration be made in all things. So yeah, maybe life was easier, but easier doesn’t equate as better and how much better it is to actually be alive now.


In regards to a discussion on giving a “real” testimony this comment was made.

Here’s my testimony, “Before I became a Christian life sucked. And it still sucks!”


By “real” we were meaning it would be refreshing to hear someone being seriously honest with their testimony.  We’re tired of hearing the honey coated good life that appears to be the due of the regenerated sinner because the 6 of us just aren’t seeing that. We’re still here stuck in this infernal fallen world with all it’s fettering chains. We all seemed to have missed out on receiving our rose colored glasses when we accepted Christ as our Savior. So the next time someone asks for you to give your testimony be honest about it. I hate to get up everyday and realize that I’ve got to go to work at job that feels pointless, the wife and I are still dealing with xxxx and we don’t seem to be able to reconcile over it. I have a difficult time disciplining my kids because nothing I do seems to have any impact on their willful behavior.



we know with assurance that someday this will all fade away and we’ll find rest at the feet of our Lord.

That’s a real testimony

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