On Hawkings

Albert Mohler has an interesting post on Stephen Hawkings. I was particularly caught by a comment from Hawkings.

“We are such insignificant creatures on a minor planet of a very average star on the outer suburbs of one of a hundred thousand million galaxies. So it is difficult to believe in a God that would care about us or even notice our existence.”

I think about that statement from my Christian worldview and instead of not seeing God in the equation, I see him all the more. I am left with an overwhelming feeling of awe that he would go to such great lengths to so clearly show himself to such “insignificant creatures”. I’m left to wonder how saddened God must be with Stephen Hawkings, a man who has been gifted with some of the greatest insight to so clearly see God’s work in creation and yet remain at the same time profoundly blind.
I am left to simply pray that in Mr. Hawkings final moments God will be revealed too him and that he will be called home.

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