Pardon My Tardiness

It’s been some time since I wrote any updates on this site. I’m in the process of redesigning the site and also recently moved it to a new host. Right now it’s offline as I continue to futz with it. That’s the technical term for not liking what I’ve got and so I keep messing with it. Not a good excuse but it’s what I’ve got.

BUT, I did want to get this update out even though it’s way past due. The end of July was my one year post operative date. Both my oncologist and my surgeon wanted a CT Scan and to see me. The good people in the radiology dept. changed up the flavored contrast drink and decided on Rasberry Tea – the lemonade flavor was much better IMHO. That was the only hiccup to the whole affair. Both physicians were pleased as ever. I have one more follow up with Dr. Pishvaian in Dec. and then he doesn’t want to see me for a whole year.

I’ve officially made it past the first milestone on this survivor’s journey – 3 years. For esophageal cancer, especially when it’s stage IV, getting past year 3 is one of those mile markers they set out before you. Well I’ve gotten here and it’s been an amazing ride. Next mile marker is year 5.

I can now say I’m looking forward to getting well past the next one.

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