Pond Scum

Just a quick reply to my friend Lauren.

Dear Lauren,

In regards to your recent post dated June 6, 2008 ‘array of thoughts ranging in seriousness‘ I’d like to comment on your following thoughts.

ok, forgive me on this one, I just had a bunch of friends get married or start into new relationships:
If marriage is meant to reflect God’s pursuit of the Church, then women = Church, men = God -for the purposes of the analogy (disclaimer: I have never met a man that I confused for God. I have met many men that I confused for pond scum.).
So husbands are to reflect God’s character:
God is LOVE.
Love is PATIENT, love is KIND, love does not ENVY or BOAST, it is not ARROGANT, or RUDE; love is not insistent on its OWN WAY, it is not IRRITABLE or RESENTFUL.
God is wise, loves children and wants many children. Once natural children have stopped being added, He adopts.
Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-control.
Just as Christ gave himself for the Church, so the husband must give himself for the wife.While the church is unruly and whore-mongering, Christ is faithful and forgives all her sins, so a husband will continue his affection even while his wife is unfaithful.
As you can imagine, its very easy for women to be the church since both are sinful and I mean FULL of sin. But I admire men who persevere and strive for the goal when the prize is dim and so far out of reach, especially when they are surrounded by less-than-worthy women. A man grows with Christ and in Christ, and Christ renews and regenerates him making him ready for his bride and to be Christ’s bride.
I don’t mean to excuse women, only to present this in a semi-humorous way. Woman must strive after God as well.
We all have the hope or the promise that we will one day be the bride. And if God should see fit to receive glory through me being a bride twice, I hope that my husband and I will take the gauntlet together and reflect the salvation plan through our marriage.
God has set the standard high for husbands and I will follow my Father’s footsteps and set the standard high for my husband. God has granted forgiveness and grace and mercy and I will follow my Father’s footsteps and grant forgiveness and grace and mercy.

Disclaimer: My comments are really only pertinent to Christian couples within the context of what I would consider your normal Christian home. And they mostly derive from the conversations that I have had with the men in my own small group.

The men of SMGC while in a state of deep retrospect and humble prayer would most readily agree on that fact, at least when amongst ourselves that we are pond scum. We perceive this as our fallen nature that we are too, and try too contend with on a daily basis. While we recognize women as also being fallen creatures and like wise stigmatized by sin in some like wise pond scumminess nature. Our own scumminess, for good or bad, disallows us to clearly see your (womens) scumminess. We do however sometimes see our wives as being sometimes nagging and petty, but we (SMGC) largely concur that this abhorrent behavior is due to us being pond scum.

What we don’t tell our wives, because we pretty much think that they’d laugh at us, is that we’d really and truly like to be spring water. I know that this may seem like an insurmountable goal, but when we open up to one another and humble ourselves before God, we pray to be spring water to our families. However, knowing that they know us as well as they do, we’re afraid to tell them this – dream of ours – because we know our fruit all too often is that of pond scum.

So instead of talking to our wives, we huddle and pray and ask God to forgive us and to make us better than what we are, because we believe that he’s given us our wives as both a gift and as a lesson to learn from. And in that learning we pray that He will cleanse us and make us into the spring water that we know he’s calling us to be.

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  1. Lauren June 9, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    ok, just so we’re clear, I don’t think that ALL men resemble pond scum. And I also don’t think that there are no WOMEN who resemble pond scum. There’s adequate representation of pond scum on each side.

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