Sigh of Relief

Yesterday I had yet another CT scan and today met with Dr. Pishvaian to get the results. I admit I hadn’t been feeling very positive going into this. I’ve been feeling very draggy lately, needing afternoon naps and falling asleep earlier in the evening than I’m used to. At the same time I’ve been dealing with more stomach issues (affect of the small bowel obstruction from July?) and just an overall feeling of not doing well physically.

One of the things with Mike (Dr. P.) is he’s fairly obvious when he comes into the exam room as to how I’m doing by the look on his face. I expected him to come in with the “serious” look but instead he came in smiling. I expected to ask him, “How bad is it?” and instead found myself thinking, you’re smiling? Ends up the chemotherapy hasn’t shrunk the tumors but it has kept them from growing. Given how I emotionally went into this meeting I was thrilled by the news.

I am also being taken off of Folfox as my chemotherapy treatment and being put on the pill form (Xeloda) of 5-FU which is the chemotherapy drug I’ve been going home with every other week. The pill form is supposed to have fewer side effects or at least the effects are supposed to be felt to a lesser degree.

All in all it was a great visit.
Thank you for your continuing prayers and well wishes. They are paying off in spades!


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