Which would God rather, for us to continually try to be holy and fail or for us to not try at all?

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  1. The Unfettered Monk July 7, 2008 at 1:27 pm

    There’s something really ironic in this whole pursuit of holiness which we are about my friend. We are commanded to be holy and yet incapable in ourselves to keep that command. The gospel comes around and credits us with an alien righteousness and we are then in fact HOLY. Which inevitably leads us to the question you’ve posted above. Part of the answer you know already which is we are already HOLY therefore we are to become what we already are. The NOW and the NOT YET of biblical tension. At the same time when the rubber hits the road and after all our striving to become what we already are by faith and we fail at the same sin for the umpteenth (wow my spell checker says that’s actually a word) time we wonder if trying is part of the equation. Perhaps it’s all faith apart from any connection to actual real living…
    There’s plenty of scripture affirming that God wants us trying and I think you knew that already. Behind your question is a bigger question perhaps… the question it leads me to is what’s the mark? What am I aiming at? What am I trying to accomplish here? If I’m already HOLY, blameless, etc.
    Whew I just ran out of steam in trying to figure this one out, Rong….

    The mountain is high and the road is long and I’m going to keep on the Way till I cross the river and enter the feast of the One who called me to the Celestial City. Only then will there be real peace and rest…

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