Study Scan

Study Protocols – UGH!

I had to get another CT scan because it needed to be within 28 days of starting the trial. The PET/CT didn’t fit the bill. I will say, Jennifer Montcalm – the clinical trial coordinator did a good job of bribing someone in radiology. I didn’t have an appointment today. Jennifer said if I didn’t mind waiting a bit too show up between 10:00am and noon and they would fit me in. I actually arrived at 9:30 checked in and by 10:00 I was already in the back preparing for the scan.

I also needed to resign the consent form for the clinical trial because the original was also not signed within the last 28 days. While I was drinking my lovely raspberry flavored contrast solution, Dr. Pishvaian popped in and had me resign all the papers again. At least I didn’t have to run over to the Lombardi building and try to catch him there. My technician today was Robert, I’ve had him before and everything went well. I was done and on the road by 11:00am which is pretty darn good given radiology was standing room only when I arrived.

Yay me!

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