The Destroyer

I preface my rant with this reflection…as a history buff, I’m fascinated at how naive each subsequent generation is to the consequences of it’s short sighted decisions. I marvel at how quickly our culture adopts technology advancements without the least thought to the possible long term ramifications. I’d love to be here 400 years from now when the historians analyze the effects of technology on this current age.

To get more directly to my point – what will future analysts say was the effect of the indiscriminate propagation of cell phones to children of all ages?

Though many call them Smart Phones, my name for this new appendage to what has heretofore been known as the human body is “The Destroyer”.

OK, so perhaps I’ve gone too far. Smart phones have all kinds of useful wonderful goodness. I can access my Facebook account from anywhere and find out how many of my “friends” have had a significant bowel movement within the past 30 seconds. I can text 45 people all at the same time saying absolutely nothing at the speed of light. I can pervade trivialities in a way previously unknown to humankind.  Not to mention that I can play “Angry Birds” until whatever may be left of my brains oozes out of my ears.

But despite all of these boons I stilled am persuaded that the Smart Phone will go down in history (assuming anyone in the future stills cares about things historic) as the destroyer of humanity.

Humanity, the essence of which is image bearer of the Triune God. The very nature of the Godhead is eternal intimate, unmediated, relationship. To destroy humanity then is to destroy that which makes us relational in the same way as the Trinue God is relational.

What have our Smart Phones done for us except to isolate us from each other. Oh certainly we can reach out and touch someone on the other side of the world with impersonal text messages. But what about the human in the room right next to you???

I can hear the objections now and they all come from the idol makers who worship daily at altars of shiny 3×5 inch screens.

Go ahead, give your 2nd grader a Smart Phone. Watch them lose their soul in a flurry of masturbatory texting frenzy. Watch as their ability to communicate deteriorates and their desire to withdraw deeper and deeper away from all real human interaction into their electronically manufactured alternate reality consumes them.

Alas . . . he pisses in the wind yet again . . . the abyss looms large . . .  truly our doom is upon us . . .

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