The Gayvolution of America

Ben at The Benaddiction just posted a very interesting historical analyses of the progression of the gay agenda in America.  His prediction of the outcome is nothing new to any of us old enough to have watched what has transpired over the last 30+ years.  The title to his post says it all “The Inevitable Certainty of a Gay Victory” and I highly recommend taking the time to read it.  His emphasis on the cultural inroads made by the LGBT and how having won the culture war, our current laws are left as only temporary obstacles was quite revealing.  At a recent conference I heard Os Guiness explain that if we wanted to win wars we needed to insert ourselves into the culture, was made abundantly clear.

Of course at the end of it all for me remains the question of how best to communicate my “bigoted, narrow minded, uneducated and obviously delusional, Christian beliefs?  To that question I’m afraid I still don’t have an appropriate response.  All too often I find my knee jerk reaction is to be just as militant in defending my faith as the person who is arguing from a position of personal rights and freedom.  I know that is not going to persuade anyone and because of what is made to appear a racist position I am find myself starting out in a 100′ abyss as opposed to level ground.

I’m really hoping Ben is going to follow up on his post with some pastoral, how  to’s.

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