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Here are just some things that I heard this weekend. At this Saturdays Men’s Breakfast at church one of the men who is involved in Kairos Prison Ministry International had invited a couple of his co-ministers. One of these gentlemen simply related a few comments from the inmates that they minister to.

I thank God that I was sent to prison. If I hadn’t I would have never learned who Jesus Christ is.

converted Muslim

45 seconds of bad decisions, 15 years of consequences


Yesterday morning during Sunday School we had one of our missionaries come in and talk to us about being a professional “evangelist”. In providing us with a glimpse of what directed her to this career choice she told us of 3 events that shaped her path.

The one that really struck me happened to her while she was in France on a summers mission trip. The group that she was working with was putting on some kind of evening performance and had asked all of the student volunteers to go thru the small village they were working in and invite everyone they could. Walking down one of the winding streets she spotted an elderly man sitting outside of his house.  Using her best french she invited the gentlemen to the nights performance. He asked her what it was about and she explained that it was about Jesus Christ. His statement to her was that he didn’t know anyone by that name.
Thinking to herself that she had mangled the language and that he had misunderstood her she rethought how to phrase the answer and tried again. At this point he sternly told her that he was the oldest person living in the town and that he knew everyone here and he could tell her with confidence that NO ONE named Jesus Christ lived here.

While not the final impetus to push her towards being an evangelist is was certainly one of the most profound.

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