Treatment 2

Yesterday (Day 2) went fine with only some minor nausea that was easily remedied with some Zofran.  I’m up now (4:30AM) because the tech just came in to get my vitals and get a blood draw. No rest for the weary in the land of poke and prodding. I imagine in another couple of hours I’ll have my little entourage of interns coming through to play 20 questions. I know I sound annoyed with the way I just wrote that as it’s actually hard to get upset with these very earnest kids especially as they are all so darn polite. I also find it interesting to ask them a few questions like if they know what they want their focus to be in.  The third year student I had on Monday wasn’t sure yet but the resident that was with him is heading off to study radiology, which entails another 4 years of education. I can’t imagine spending 13 years in college but I’m grateful that there are young people out there that have that much drive and determination.

For those of you who were asking I’ll be out of here later this evening. Nate is coming down after dinner and we should hopefully be out of here by 9:00PM. The next 3 days (including today) are when I feel the effects of the chemo the most. It’s funny in a sad way that I also have 2 friends from church who have battled cancer using the same FOLFOX6 chemo regiment that I am on, as I’ve been getting some helpful comments from them and their families.

As for the whole reason that I’m in here – there hasn’t been a single blip on the old heart monitor so at this point it looks like I’ll be able to continue with this therapy which in the big picture is a good thing.  I’ve read enough to have a good idea that I’d much rather deal with the side effects of FOLFOX6 than some of the other chemo cocktails that are available.  I have 2 more treatments after this and then I’m done with this clinical trial.  At that time I’ll have another CT scan so they can determine the effectiveness of the chemo against the cancer. My hope of course is that the chemo will shrink the tumor in my esophagus. Most likely after everything is evaluated I’ll be continuing with another round of this treatment.

So that’s where I’m at this morning. Tired but doing OK. Thank you everyone for continuous prayers. Please know how much I greatly appreciate them and know that they effectual for they raise my spirit.


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  1. Dad Kenney August 7, 2013 at 7:30 am

    Keep up the good work-we’re all praying that the Almighty nor the devil wants you – so I guess you’ll have to stay with us – we hope so anyway. All our love and prayers are with you and the medical staff that works with you.

  2. Susan Hanlon August 7, 2013 at 2:49 pm

    I hadn’t read your post until now so didn’t know you were admitted. I was at Georgetown Hosp. this morning for an appt and could have come up and said hey! Sorry I missed you! You’re in my prayers!

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