True Lack of Reasoning

IM conversation that I just had with a workmate:

MAY 21–Meet Alex Phillips. The Wisconsin teenager is facing felony child pornography charges for allegedly posting naked photos of his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend on his MySpace page.
When contacted by police about the two images, Phillips,17, balked at removing the pictures of the girl. Warned that he couldf ace jail for publishing images of the minor, Phillips told an investigator, “F*** that, I am keeping them up,” according to a criminal complaint filed yesterday in Lacrosse County Circuit Court.Phillips told cops that he posted the photos last week “because he was venting.” The cell phone camera photos had been taken by the girl, who provided them to Phillips.
Along with posting the photos,Phillips added explicit captions like, “Yo, U see how big her hole is!Its from me!” While claiming that his goal was not to harm the girl,Phillips acknowledged that, “he probably should not have done this,”according to the May 20 court filing. Along with the child porn count,Phillips was charged with defamation and sexual exploitation of a child.

Only on myspace



I always wonder in cases like this what the kids parents are like.

Hopefully in the next 10 years the “mindset” of taking digital pictures will change.


It’s so fresh and new, kids are making crazy mistakes.


People just don’t understand the value of their “character” and how easily one stupid mistake can ruin it.

Does anyone teach kids self respect anymore or is that just some outdated concept? It seems that along with immediate gratification and instant everything comes a lack of thinking things thru. Our technology all too easily allows for things to be envisioned, created, packaged and sent before we take the time to recognize the possible ramifications of our actions. It was bad enough when we were kids but now the cart seems to be eternally before the horse. Someone please slow down the bus, I think I want to get off.

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  1. Lauren May 29, 2008 at 10:07 pm

    sigh…I don’t know if this is related, but I’ll share about a recent decision I made.

    I was telling my dad that I don’t do pool parties with college-age Christians any more. This most recent one I went to had all the girls in the skimpiest two-pieces (One of the girls is about to go off with IMB for a couple of years) and all the guys and girls on top of each other in the hammock. I really tried to not be self-righteous and judgmental. None of the guys complained of course. And only a couple of the more modest girls complained.

    Its frustrating to me to see these Christians who are looking for as much pleasure as possible and hopefully glorify God instead of wanting to whole-heartedly glorify God and by so doing, find pleasure. I don’t want to sound legalistic, but I’m afraid that its unavoidable.

    So did someone teach these kids respect? I don’t know. Even the Christians are perfectly content with instant gratification. And these kids didn’t even need electronics.

    Is mentioning it worth anything? The Bible says something about talking with fools. And this argument is always labeled as “legalistic” whenever brought up. Maybe the standards should be set higher first by Christians before we start giving our non-Christian neighbors grief about their even lower standards.

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